Pastor Michael L. Gee has spent the last 24 years, helping individuals know who Christ is and getting their life right with him.
Pastor Gee loves the gift that God gave him, and he uses it every Sunday to give us what God gave him; he has been the Pastor of Independent Missionary Baptist Church now for 13 years!
Yes, Pastor Gee loves to Teach, Preach, and Lead you in the right direction to the Lord & Savior Jesus Christ!
If you would like to talk or meet with our Pastor, please contact us or email us at

Church Administrator Kevon Gee Image Church Administrator - Kevon Gee


Bro. Kevon L. Gee is the son of our Pastor! He has been a member of IMBC for 10 years, he loves serving in the capacity that he does. Kevon is a proud graduate of Duncanville High School Class of 2020 where he was in the Student Media program and served as President along with competing in Skills USA and serving as president there also. Bro. Gee is currently in Mortuary school pursuing a degree in Mortuary Science. Bro. Gee was very involved in all of his schools and always was the one of many to come up with something that benefited the school long term.
He always believes that building a relationship matters with whoever!